By Cadence Alexia


Jumbo fishy and the imaginary banana skin.

I know a few posts back I talked about the horrors of the fishing industry and all the reasons I don't consume fish more than once a year. But, at the Jumbo supermarket, if something is going out of date that day, it's free. So, I'm going to openly be a massive hypocrite.

I think Jesus would rather me eat this poor little helping of extinction, than it end up totally wasted and in the bin at the back of Jumbo.

You did not die in vain little fishy, you died so I could have 36g protein, 6g fat and zero carbs. I'm really grateful. Plus, above meal cost around 80 cents. Bingo.

Raw Veggies combined gave me 0.6g fat, 7g carb, 2.4g protein, they also gave me lots of other nutrients to make me feel all sparkly and alive.

But then I accidentally slipped on a banana skin...............

caused head on collision into lucs nut bar. somehow left the scene with 5 euros missing from my pocket and 300g pistachio nuts in my back pack. I'll die of omega 6 poisoning by Monday.

I did not however, crash into the eko plaza and buy dark chocolate. SCORE!! one point to will power. Maybe I will last the day without.

Just writing that made me check the time to see if the eko plaza is still open. It's still open. Am fighting the urge to get on my bike.

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