By Cadence Alexia


Go Go Goji. Oh no Pistachio!!

Goji berries are massively good for you.

I have this issue though, eat them on their own and the aftertaste is something I'd expect from sucking on a tea bag.
put them with pistachio, and loads of other nuts for that matter, and they're sweet, chewy, and properly addictive. 

I throw this golden combination in all my salads, dip my banana in the bucket of them to make it less boring, put them in my kwark, or just grab a handful or six when I'm hungry and in a rush.

But, *sigh* we have a problem! recent reading of slightly boring over complicated article (link below) from super nutrition geek suggests too many pistachios, and nuts in general mean too much omega 6, omega 6 is apparently not as good for you as it sounds.

The long winded version of what I'm on about here

Macadamia nuts are really low in omega 6, so fair game, thank you baby Jesus, they're also pretty top on my list!

pistachio *sob* rate fairly high, so, I have to go easy on the handfuls between meals from now on, according to this guy who obviously knows his shit, a couple of handfuls every day or couple of days won't be too harmful if the nuts have not been heated or treated, the omega 6 gets locked away in some magical nut protective system and doesn't do you too much damage.

I think I've been using them as a staple rather than a side dish, Moderation bites me in my fat ass once again.

It's the busy schedule issue, running in and out the house more times in a day than I'd like, my hand goes in the above bucket around 6 times too many over a 24 hour period.

I'll carry on throwing them in dinners, because they are really good for you in moderation, but make a massive effort to cut my dosage by more than half.

I'm not happy at all about this, but, it mentioned some shit about cortisol levels, cortisol is one of my current worries.  Maybe I'll talk about that tomorrow.

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