By Cadence Alexia


You are always on my mind.

Organic 85% dark Chocolate makes me very happy.....

This won't last another 2 hours

I'm having a love hate relationship with the stuff.




That you're supposed to eat it on a semi regular basis, and in moderation. I fail daily on this one.

Go get some in your pie hole, be warned, it's slightly more addictive than tobacco. 


Coconuts in a coco nutshell.

Pretty near the top of the list when it comes to things I don't want to live without, coconut milk and coconut oil.

Too many amazing things to declare on this topic, but I'm lazy today so check the link below...........

Things I use it for......

I fry all my meat and eggs in it.

Moisturize face and body with it, morning and night. Saves using chemical based products, works a treat my skin is always flawless and youthful these days. 

Also, fellow illustrated people, prolong the life of your ink with it. My tattoos are looking pretty fresh right now.

Deep conditioning hair treatment. Every once in a while, whack it on your scraggy ends overnight, wash your boof like normal in the morning. Swish swish.

Spread it on squares of dark chocolate like it's butter. Just another yummy way to get it down my neck. 

Lip balm - nuff said.

Shaving cream -

if you get out the shower, realise you look like a yeti, but can't be arsed to get back in again. whack loads on your legs and do a speed shave. Never an angry red patch in sight.

eye make up remover - never irritates.

Or, just get a spoon and eat it straight out the jar.

some more good oils to use, and some news about the bad ones 

Aroy there, It's Amaizin!

As for coconut milk, I'm on 300g to 400g a day, pure good fat, make some smoothies and get some health in you.

Organic coconut milk sometimes separates in the tin, you get pure water at the bottom and and buttery block of heaven the top. Pass me a spoon, I'm going to town.


Just show it the grill........

When I was a kid I'd only eat my meat well done, properly well done, I had this fear about blood in the meat, I found it all a bit disgusting.

These days, I like it as rare as I can get it, maybe it's a kick back from being a raw foodie! Raw meat would be one step too far even for me, although, I doubt my friends would be suprised.  

I'm trying to up my protein levels a bit, so here's a simple steak salad for a friday............ 

245g Organic (preferably grass fed) steak  - fat 4.9g, carbs - 0.00 - protein 56.35g

20g Mixed salad greens, for me, the darker the green the better, if it's purple it's a bonus! - fat 0.05g, carbs 0.64g, protein 0.30g

5 Cherry Tomatoes - fat 0.15g, carbs 3.35g, protein 0.75g

0.5 oz Pistachio nuts - (around 25 nuts) fat 6.30g, carbs 3.96g, protein 2.92g

0.5 oz dried Goji berry - fat 0.5g, carbs 12.5g, protein 2.00g

0.25 oz flaked almonds - fat 3.59g, carbs 1.4g, protein 1.51g

Just fry the steak up nice in coconut oil and whack it all together in a big bowl.  

0.5 tbsp Organic coconut oil - fat 7g. 0.00 carb/protein.

Overall balance - fat 21%, carb 20%, protein 59%.

Overall Calories 524.


If you'd prefer to up your fat intake, make exactly the same salad but replace the steak with 150g of bio bacon (the streaky fatty kind). 

Overall balance of bacon version - fat 57%, carbs 17%, protein 26%.

Calories 847 

This seems a bit calorific, but is totally ok. Higher fat meals have higher calories, but they're not the calories that stick to your backside, I promise. 

The problem I'm having with fruit....

It tastes too amazing and I could eat a whole bucket of it in one go.

Problem is, I find the healthiest way to balance my diet is 40% fat 30% protein 30% carbs. If you don't eat wheat products this becomes a lot easier. 

All fruit and veg is high carbohydrate, good healthy carbs for sure, but go crazy on the stuff and you get an off whack nutrition pie chart at the end of the day. To average 30% carbs I eat around three to four pieces of fruit, depending on how much veg I want to be able to cram in later.

Little tipsky, throw a load of organic coconut milk on a fruit salad to help with the high fat intake. score, it tastes even more amazing.

Banana, Mango, kumquat

Nutritionally, coconut milk and oil are total winners, eat as much as you want, I don't really rate putting a limit on the stuff.


The superman plan

The following are some things I changed in my diet that made me feel a whole lot better about life, love and the universe.

I didn't do it all at once, it's been a year of trial and error to get to this point, so here's what to do if you want to have a fair shot at being the healthiest person you know.

1. I went chemical free - 

Go organic, bio, eko, whatever your country calls it, as much as you possibly can. A clean diet is a really solid way to start. If you've never really looked at the ingredients on the back of your food packets, start looking, you'll probably be slightly mortified.

2. I stopped eating sugar -

Click here for all the reasons why

3. I stopped eating Wheat and gluten -

Het is neit goed voor je! I will make a whole post specifically about this topic. Just take my word for it for now, and yeah, even brown rice is bad. There is no such thing as healthy wheat. Really, I'm serious.

4. I started eating all my veggies raw - 

Raw veg contains live enzymes, super good for your body. Again, I will write a more detailed post about being a raw foodie at a later date. I hear it's what all the cool kids are doing now anyways.

5. I stopped using any kind of oil apart from coconut oil.

Yep, even extra virgin Olive Oil is not too good for you, especially after it's been heated.

All you need to know about oils 

6. I stopped eating before going to bed -

Your body has a lot of maintenance tasks to do while you are sleeping, if it's busy sorting out all the crap you just shoved in your pie hole, it has to neglect it's other duties to deal with it. simple. Stop eating three hours before you sleep.

7. I stopped drinking fruit juices -

glug glug glug carbs carbs carbs

Just drink water, lots of it, all day, and NEVER drink fizzy drinks, even diet ones - I'll have a little word about aspartame soon. 

8. I balance my diet Low carb, high fat, high protein.

I'd say just trying one or two of the above points will really make you feel better. Trying all of them will make you feel like superman. 


The intro's and the outro's

Long story short -

Needed drastic life shake up. Read interesting article about nutrition. I changed diet, diet changed life. Problem solved.

There, I fixed it.

It's important in circus, if you want to be the best you can be, to look after yourself. Good food can make you jump higher and run faster and all that stuff, it also can do amazing things for your troubled and overworked creative mind.

I thought it was about time to make a food blog and share some stuff I found. 

I'm no expert, I've just spent a year trying it, from chemical free organic, to raw food vegan, to raw paleo - which is where I think I will stay (unless persuaded otherwise, I'm open to suggestions).

The result, happy, healthy, and full of beans. (not literally because they are a gut irritant).