By Cadence Alexia


Just show it the grill........

When I was a kid I'd only eat my meat well done, properly well done, I had this fear about blood in the meat, I found it all a bit disgusting.

These days, I like it as rare as I can get it, maybe it's a kick back from being a raw foodie! Raw meat would be one step too far even for me, although, I doubt my friends would be suprised.  

I'm trying to up my protein levels a bit, so here's a simple steak salad for a friday............ 

245g Organic (preferably grass fed) steak  - fat 4.9g, carbs - 0.00 - protein 56.35g

20g Mixed salad greens, for me, the darker the green the better, if it's purple it's a bonus! - fat 0.05g, carbs 0.64g, protein 0.30g

5 Cherry Tomatoes - fat 0.15g, carbs 3.35g, protein 0.75g

0.5 oz Pistachio nuts - (around 25 nuts) fat 6.30g, carbs 3.96g, protein 2.92g

0.5 oz dried Goji berry - fat 0.5g, carbs 12.5g, protein 2.00g

0.25 oz flaked almonds - fat 3.59g, carbs 1.4g, protein 1.51g

Just fry the steak up nice in coconut oil and whack it all together in a big bowl.  

0.5 tbsp Organic coconut oil - fat 7g. 0.00 carb/protein.

Overall balance - fat 21%, carb 20%, protein 59%.

Overall Calories 524.


If you'd prefer to up your fat intake, make exactly the same salad but replace the steak with 150g of bio bacon (the streaky fatty kind). 

Overall balance of bacon version - fat 57%, carbs 17%, protein 26%.

Calories 847 

This seems a bit calorific, but is totally ok. Higher fat meals have higher calories, but they're not the calories that stick to your backside, I promise. 

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