By Cadence Alexia


The Faileo Diet.

Trying to get back on the wagon is not easy when the wagon has rolled over so many hills without you, you can't even hear the horses anymore. 

Starting with something healthy that tastes amazing is a good plan. Easy choice.

I wish these raw chocolate butter bars hadn't been invented, there's a risk they will become my staple food source. They're all raw cocoa nibs and coconut butter, I think you're supposed to take a bite then stick it back in the fridge. I ate two in one go then felt sick. If someone had passed me a third, it would have gone down the hatch in a second.

When I stopped feeling sick I realised I needed something slightly more meal like.

Chicken, red onion, avocado, cashew, broccoli, tomato. 

from Faileo back to Paleo, one meal at a time.