By Cadence Alexia


The problem I'm having with fruit....

It tastes too amazing and I could eat a whole bucket of it in one go.

Problem is, I find the healthiest way to balance my diet is 40% fat 30% protein 30% carbs. If you don't eat wheat products this becomes a lot easier. 

All fruit and veg is high carbohydrate, good healthy carbs for sure, but go crazy on the stuff and you get an off whack nutrition pie chart at the end of the day. To average 30% carbs I eat around three to four pieces of fruit, depending on how much veg I want to be able to cram in later.

Little tipsky, throw a load of organic coconut milk on a fruit salad to help with the high fat intake. score, it tastes even more amazing.

Banana, Mango, kumquat

Nutritionally, coconut milk and oil are total winners, eat as much as you want, I don't really rate putting a limit on the stuff.

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