By Cadence Alexia


Standing in the naughty cave...........

I'm not going to say I completely fell off the wagon, but, I was dangling off the back for a while, clinging on with one hand while the other hand stuffed way too much chocolate and carb heavy fruit in my face, damn those juicy mango's. With both hands busy I didn't have any going spare to hold a meat filled frying pan, so my protein intake went out of the window. At a guess my nutrient pie chart resembled a green pac man with a little red half closed mouth. no blue in sight. damn it.

nothing over 85% here I'm afraid.
Then I made these chocolates as a gift for a friend, made what I conveniently perceived to be too many, so had to dispose of some down my own personal garbage shoot! my second dealing with sugar this month. Bad cavegirl, go sit on the naughty rock and think about what you've done.

Well, not going to dwell on it for more than 29 minutes, ready to start being a good girl once again. I'm still a bit off with my organisational skills so went simple, easy and familiar.

Pork (240g), spinach, red pepper.

73% Protein, 21% fat, 6% carbs. Not a bad start.

I heard recently that too much dark chocolate can hinder your ability to take in iron from food. So, maybe after yesterdays binge it was pointless to eat the spinach!!

Sometimes having too much information on nutrition really messes with my brain cells.


  1. Love your blog :) you always make me smile! I'm drooling after the chocolates...can you please share the recipe?

    Greetings from Norway :)

  2. Thank you! Didn't notice this comment until now. Just melt some super nice chocolate and throw some goji in, simple. I also love to make them with crushed pistachio. X