By Cadence Alexia


Raw cavegirl basics.....

Experimenting with combinations and making food look pretty is half the fun, for me anyway, I like to try and make it interesting.  But it can't always be a total party for the taste buds!

Some days you've got three burgers in the fridge that go bad tomorrow, and other pressing projects to be getting on with. You know, the ones you should be putting time into, like making circus acts and finishing artistic Easter presents for friends. 

So fuck it, fry some burgers, chop some veg, stop complaining, it's good clean food.

Even one of the burgers is crying about it!

Be gone growling belly! 

sorry taste buds, I'll do a little better in the morning!

balance of above meal Fat 16%, carbs 6%, Protein 78%!!! oh yeah!

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