By Cadence Alexia


The sum of all your chocolate hearts...........

Saar and Anne had a joint birthday party, here's how I made them happy with some really simple paleo treats.

Bought 85% dark chocolate and a clown, 
got my hearts out
Melted the chocolate, did this, neat as I could......

Oh my god, Awesome! Then what did you do???
I threw some Goji on!!!!
then waited really impatiently for them to set....
Happy Birthday ladies!!
For a different kind of party, try stirring this in
 HOLD THE PHONE!!! isn't that illegal???
Relaaax, we're in The Netherlands, it's all cool.

With thanks to my new friends for illustrating this recipe so well.

horrifying isn't he.
There's no way this guy is sleeping in my room tonight! 

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