By Cadence Alexia


High fives for High protein

Rub eyes, yawn, down pint of water, burp, hello 9am. Bounce off a few walls and stumble into the kitchen, My hair is particularly 'cavegirl' today, think Jenny Agutter, Walkabout, 1971. I find my lovely ladies Mila, Roxana, Clementine and Anna, chatting and eating things like toast, puffed wheat cereal, fruit, yoghurt, and coffee of course. You know, what we all know and love as breakfast stuffs.

I want to know who made the rules about breakfast?? Who sat on their soap box one day and said "In the mornings we should eat toast, puffed wheat cereal, french pastries, and coffee". 

I think it's a little weird to start the day with this stuffs, it's not helping anything (well, the caffeine makes sense). I know there is some sort of nod to the fact that we need slow burning carbs to make us last through till lunch or whatever, but, puffed wheat cereal coated in sugar? first thing you eat when you wake?? Sounds like a shit idea to me.

I had a better idea...........

90% protein, 8% fat, 2% carb

250g organic steak fried in coconut oil, 40g mixed salad greens. Yeah, a big whopping steak, at 9am! Who's askin??? My puffed wheat eating housemates thought this was a bit insane. Apart from the Spaniard, who walks in, takes a good smell at the pan.........

"Cadenzia, this your steak?? yeah? high five!!! (we high fived), smells amazing, ha ha steak breakfast, YEEEAAAAAH, hhhmmmmmm"

Thanks Cristi, you totally get it. 

of course he gets it, Cristi is the owner of this slightly disturbing, but totally edible trotter that lives in our kitchen! oink oink.

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