By Cadence Alexia


Sleep and all of his friends

Eating healthy is one thing, it's one invaluable amazing thing, and not such a difficult thing, but, it's  not the only thing you need for good health.

Things like not being stressed, not over training, not spending too much time staring at electrical things that make your eyes buzz and such...........Today, I need to talk about sleep.

8 out of 24, this is totally how I look!

When it comes to being an upbeat, happy, glowing person, I'm starting to believe good sleep is way more important than good food.

A clever dude saying some clever stuff about it here

Things I personally found improved my sleep. Reading a book in bed. electronic detox one hour before. going to the sauna dead late. magnesium and B6. Not having a full belly. Wearing above photographed swanky eye mask, stops the bastard sun saying hello at 6.30!

I'm just going to throw myself out there as a shining example of how not sleeping can really fuck with you.

here's how my recent 7 day sleep deprivation marathon went. (due to stress, long training hours, and being such a genius that my brain doesn't have an off switch)

Monday. After 5 hours sleep. Tired, but fine. Training went ok. Ate normally. sat down a bit more than usual. frowned a bit more than usual.

Tuesday. After 3 hours sleep. wired, giddy, good training all day. Ate half my usual amount, felt like I might fly away. Laughed too much about nothing, everything I looked at was hilarious.

Wednesday. After 3 hours sleep. Grumpy, half arsed in training. Ate way more than usual. Didn't crack a smile or talk for a really long time.

Thursday. After 3.5 hours sleep. Stressed, knackered, training took way too much effort. Hardly ate. Made half arsed attempt at social life, failed.

Friday. After 1 hour sleep. Stood up quickly after loud alarm. I was still asleep at this point. Slight out of body experience. dropped to the floor and cried like a three year old in a supermarket. Can't really remember the day. I do remember the headache, one argument (with someone who clearly had some sleep deprivation of their own), five minutes pulling a push door that I push at least 20 times a day, painful body, shit training, followed by too much dark chocolate, followed by an evening of self loathing and some more tears.

Saturday. After 4 hours sleep. slightly better, headache gone, still exhausted. Training went ok. Ate so much food I could barely stand. Tried to be sociable, failed, went home to sulk. 

Sunday. After 10 hour sleep marathon. woke up feeling human. laughed with Roxana, ate a good breakfast, danced round the bedroom in my undies to Edward Sharpe and the magnetic zero's, trained good, did some physical prep. ate a normal amount, managed to look in a mirror and not see a 50 year old hag staring back at me. 

I don't really need to point anything out here, kinda speaks for itself, Just, if I hadn't had my 10 hour sleep marathon, the way things were going I think I would have ended up asleep at the bottom of a river for the rest of time.


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