By Cadence Alexia


Good Friday for Jesus, bad Friday for Cod.

Just in case Jesus is real, I ate fish today.

Zeewolf, crushed Cashew and Macadamia, rocket, tomato

Above meal - Fat 34%, Protein 51%, carbs15% - Calories 366.

Fish is really good for you! it's got vitamins A,B and D, it's got minerals like zinc, magnesium, iodine and some other good stuffs like that. It's super high protein and low carb, and it tastes pretty amazing when cooked well.

But, I very rarely eat fish, for moral reasons, it leaves a bit of a guilty aftertaste.

If we carry on consuming as we are, commercially available fish will be extinct in the next 35 to 40 years. How sad and scary. I don't want to have to explain to my future grandchildren what good old English fish and chips tasted like. 

We could stop it happening, but the reality is, we probably won't.

The problem with the ocean is we can't see the bottom, making it really easy for us to be ignorant to what happens on our ocean floor when the big fishing boats set sail to haul in what we demand. When adult fish we eat are caught, baby fish get dragged in the nets too, they're too small for us to eat so they get thrown back in the water, dead, unable to ever become adults, and have fish babies of their own. Creating an obvious procreation problem. Lot's of perfectly edible adult fish also get chucked back in dead, simply because, for that particular fisherman, they're not the intended target.

Coral Reef is really important for young fish also, they are protected from non human predators, they grow up there, find food, hang out and make friends, it's their home. When we drag a big heavy basket along the ocean floor, coral reef, that has taken millions of years to evolve into what it is, gets destroyed for good in one foul swoop. We are leaving millions of young fish and beautiful creatures without a home. They die, unable to procreate, unable to live their lives and help replenish our stocks.

Imagine a farmer, going out to kill a cow for us to eat for dinner. For whatever reason he doesn't just go and shoot the cow in the head. Instead he takes a big wrecking ball, destroys the farmyard, the barn, some chickens and their eggs, a pig or five and his trusty dogs before he kills the cow. Imagine you can see the destruction for yourself, dead dogs, pigs and chickens laying all over the place, wasted, unused. All for you to have a tasty bit of sirloin. Would you still eat it while you looked on?

We can carry on ignoring the bottom of the sea, it's easy, out of sight out of mind right, let's just ignore the problem, until there are no fish and it's not an issue anymore.

There's also this........

Simple and to the point. Short film about fish farming

I eat fish once a year on good Friday, not really as a nod to Jesus, more of a nod to my Mother and our traditions together.

I can't deny that on very rare occasions I end up feeling very bad about scoffing a tin of tuna in a moment of moral weakness. 

I think if Jesus was real, he'd really want us to stop eating fish.

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