By Cadence Alexia


Ketogen..........Oh. Oops I've ruined it.

Following recent issues with cortisol crisis panic, being unable to reduce stress levels or increase sleep hours left me a bit lost, food wise, as to what to do about it. I wanted to stuff my face with lots of fruit and chocolate to make me feel instantly happy, but at the rate I was ready to cram it in, I'd be on 90% carb before I knew it.  

I needed a distraction, I still feel a bit fat, so I thought I'd give full on Ketogenic a try for research purposes, to see if it would kick start this fat loss thing that I'm supposed to be having on Paleo. 

Ketogenic explained in great detail, right here

In short, absolute minimum carbs, lots of fat, medium to lots of protein.

The day started really well.........
Fat 52%, Protein 42% carb 6%

YUM, me oh my, I'll just eat this every meal for the rest of my life, easy times ahead, for sure.

you can eat a bit of veg, and a little of the right kind of fruit, and some nuts, but it basically revolves around meat, fatty meat, eggs, coconut oil, and more meat. ha!

Then, this weird thing happened, I think they call it a social situation, these things often revolve around food. I soon got jealous of the people who weren't on ketogenic research fat burning missions.  

At the Bacho Easter Brunch, they were eating things like this........
A perfect egg love accident.
A big salad and a big fruit salad
A pancake beard
I had just one small bowl of fruit salad, then remembered I had kwark in the fridge, so, "just a little fruit and a little kwark, it'll be o.k Cadence, go ahead"

This action, and conversation with myself, involving very small portions repeated four times, until I was bloated on fruit and kwark. It's 12.30 and I'm way over my keto carb limit. Fuck it. I'm out.

I don't think I'm in the right head space for such a serious diet commitment.

On the upside and the weird side, I've lost a bit of fat, but, in places I didn't think I had any fat at all. My body is metaphorically licking the yogurt pot clean when there's a full pot open right next to it, free and begging to be eaten.

Strange to discover my body has such a whack IQ.

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