By Cadence Alexia


Spot the irritating mistake....

My 'holy guacamole I'm gonna be late' dinner, it's dead quick and proper lekker.

215g Bio burgers, fried in 1 tbsp coconut oil.

1 medium avocado

4 cherry tomato

20 pistachio nuts

0.5 oz goji berry

8 cashew nuts

1 tbsp linseed

Nutrient balance for whole meal 

35% fat.  25%carbs,  40% protein...........

The mistake was the Linseed, I later learned that my previously ignored suspicion was correct. It's a gut irritant. If you're not eating to be extra nice to your gut I'd say go for it, chuck it in yoghurts, smoothies and salads if you want a little help with protein. Especially for vegetarians who may be lacking a bit on that side of things. 

Right now I'm trying to be extra nice to my gut, so het is neit voor mej.

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