By Cadence Alexia


For Emily, and the love of sweet potato.

Recently the lovely Emily Dixon said she wanted to try this paleo/rawleo shabang for seven days to see if she could. It's nice to hear things like that, I hope someone would listen to me and give it a shot. I would say, seven days is ok to try the food and see if you can fit this kind of eating into your skedge, but 30 days is what you need to note any major life changes, and see if you really can keep it up. After only seven you'll probably still have chemical sugar shit floating around your body, maybe you'll still crave it, and until it's gone, massive changes won't happen.

I'll try my best to explain it simple like, so you can skip off to an eko plaza of your own, know the rules, and make a few steps towards being a leaner meaner version of your bad self.

Today's Eko Plaza swag bag.
Things you can eat

Veg, fruit, lean meat, eggs, seafood, nuts and seeds, healthy fats (avocado, nuts, coconut milk/oil, fat from meat and such). 

Things you should not eat 

Processed food and sugars, wheat/gluten/grains, dairy, legumes, starches, Alcohol (sorry everyone for the last one, maybe moderation is ok).

I'm not going to start making weekly menu plans and such, everyone's tastes are different, find what you like and stick to it.

Here is my yesterday of eating

Omelet with 100g bacon, tomato, broccoli, spinach. 

Pork with colourful veggies and a handful of nuts/berries thrown on top. Goji and crushed macadamia is my number 1 combo at the moment. Followed by half a mango swimming in coconut milk.

Avocado, dark green veggies, steak, another glass of coconut milk, Followed by some dark chocolate. When I say 'some' I mean like 30g is ok, not the entire bar, but I can't seem to practise what I'm preaching on this one. 

some pistachio and goji, a few more macadamias, some strawberries, 1 tbsp coconut oil - everyone should eat coconut oil at least once a day!

Some other rules I play by
Everything organic and chemical free. Where possible meat should be grass fed if you can get it. Try to balance diet at 40% fat, 30% protein 30% carbs. Over 85% dark chocolate and Raw chocolate are fair game, and good for you! Eat when your body tells you, not because the clock tells you, if you're really not hungry it's fine to skip a meal. Don't count calories, drink plenty of water and no liquid carbs, fruit juice is not as healthy as they'd have you believe.

you can find some nice Paleo menus and recipe books online, 

Click here for some good Paleo dinners 


Paleo Shopping list - find what you're gonna like here


As I stick mainly to eating 80% of my veg raw, I don't really go down the whole paleo cooking route. I tend to stick to quite an unvaried diet, which is varied enough to be really good for me. I don't get bored of it because I like what I eat and I'm a sucker for a routine. Going fully Paleo and cooking with veg is probably better for the more adventurous eaters, but, I like getting all the live enzymes from raw food, they make me glow, so I stick to just having certain veg on rotation and throwing it on my plate raw with my hunk of steak.  
I have tried some paleo cooking and it's proper nice, now I do it around once a week, I recommend around three cooked sweet potato a week, they are great for your body just after training, and taste amazing, they'd taste like shit raw though, sweet potato is my all time favorite vegetable, I don't really understand why normal potatoes have to exist when the orange ones have it all covered.

I recommend if you have any kind of smart phone, and I can't believe I'm one of those people who do, get a calorie counter app, not to count calories but to check your nutrient pie chart. a couple of days entering in what you're eating will give you a fair idea of portion sizes and how much of what is ok to keep a good balance. 
Right, that's either massively helpful or not helpful in the slightest. Let us know like if you have any other questions!

Longest. blog post. ever.

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