By Cadence Alexia


Bigger fish to fry.

When food imitates life........

Spinach, lightly fried in coconut oil, (cos of the oxalic acid I told you about), raw tomieos, raw orange pepper. Plus one mahoosive load of free fish that sat soaking in curry powder and coconut milk over night. There was so much fish here I could have made two meals out of it, but I'm a greedy little piggy so I threw it down in one. Surprised? I doubt it.

This was a proper lekker breakfast, tasted even better on this beautiful new plate I got for 1 euro at the bonkers may market. 

So much protein, so little carbs = so happy Cadence. 

Now let's go running round the whilemina park in just my mini shorts and wife beater vest!

Summer is here!!!

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