By Cadence Alexia


I'll start with a mush filled heart.........

Yesterdays pie chart inducing mishap involving the king size Twix marked the end of my two week vacation from giving a shit. Things have been starting to slide, I've been saying yes way to often when people offer me cookies, and saying yes to myself when the cookies are just sat there minding their own business. Life isn't as easy as I'd like it to be right now, but I don't want to let stress ruin my good eating habits. I should be being extra nice to myself, and actually, being nice to yourself means walking away from the cookies. 

No sugar, no dark chocolate, minimal to no fruit, super high protein, medium fat, low carb, hopefully some good sleep, the gym, the sauna, and a massage from the Chinese massage place opposite AlbertHein to get some of this tension out!!! That is my Saturday treat for my back and I'm psyched.

Today went like this.

Bio burger, eggplant, tomato, broccoli

Ok, so I know it looks like someone threw up at an overly twee kids party, but this actually tasted really good, Roxana inspired me with it last week but hers turned out nicer because I forgot the red onion. 

Was cold sitting still at my laptop all day, I wanted hot food. So, got massive eggplant and fried it (coconut oil obv.) with garlic and 'erbs, added raw chopped tomato and whizzed it with the whizz stick in a bowl. Fried burgers, chucked broccoli in, and proceeded to make the most disgusting looking meal in living history. I'll be eating it again though, I really liked the mush, next time I'll add a red onion.

After that, I sat working like a busy bee for hours, had a break doing boring businessy admin to slice some waves out of a map again, in a vain attempt to save my sanity, until it made me cross eyed.

Then a fresh air break, walk to the supermarket via Whilemina park to buy a steak!!! Boom!

Steak, salad, left over mush
Me getting distracted while cooking meant this looks pretty well done, but was actually the rarest steak I've ever eaten. Maybe slightly too rare. I felt like a lion.

So, that was it for what is now yesterday as it's 12.24am and I'm done eating. 

Overall balance for the day 63% protein! 28% fat, 9% carbs.

786 Calories!

I know, seems a little skinny, but I have literally been sat at my lap top or laying on the floor moving only my hand and a very small blade, I've used about 12 calories. I'm carrying an extra 3 kilos in flab I don't need and have eaten enough in the last two weeks to know I'm not going to drop dead.  in a few days, I'll up the calories and down the protein, just want a kick start and a bit of a detox. It probably would have been better to drink a bit of coconut milk, but I forgot. I drank water like a motherfucker all day though.

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