By Cadence Alexia


A skinny Sunny Saturday.

Today was a total heatwave, I felt like I was in Ecuador or somewhere equally as scorching, I now have bright red shoulders and a Rudolf nose to prove it. Not the coolest look I've ever rocked.

Today was also the first day I have properly cursed the rudest of words to the god of Rawleo for making fruit so damn carb heavy! 

I bought three mango's from the market because they were cheap and ripe and massive, 1 euro for three. BONZA! I then stared at them in a haze wishing every cell in my body wasn't telling me to throw them down my shoot in one go.  

I'm trying to lean out pre show, 5 more days of being pretty strict with myself. Mango is not a lean out friendly fruit, liquid mango in a smoothie is even worse. So I summoned all my will power and came to a compromise. I would treat myself to a more sensible fruit smoothie. 

And some new summer pumps! ta daaa!

5 little liquid strawberries, half a small liquid banana, 150ml coconut milk, and this ridiculous bit of mango hanging out on the side of the glass, so I could sit on the roof with Anni koops and feel like I was in some sort of 18-30's holiday cocktail bar. It worked a treat actually. I can forgive myself the liquid fruit, as everything else I chowed down today was dead skinny.

1 massive hunk of steak, 40g Raw chocolate, 20g cashew. My pie chart so far is pretty spot on rawleo, 40, 30, 30. When I get home later I will eat 125 grams of prawns to up the protein a little but spare on the calories. 
They slept a night in coconut milk and curry powder ! yum
I also did an hour weight training at the gym in a totally fasted state before my Raw choc love choc breakfast, this is the best way to get the fat to shift. Heavy weight, low reps, hungry belly = smaller ass and thighs.
A neato way to do an extra skinny extra sunny Saturday!
I also think I got sun stroke a bit, because while I was trying to say the words sun stroke to Anni, I said skunsmoke instead. Four times. While wetting my pants with laughter.

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