By Cadence Alexia


The Anti pickel solution

How did I live in The Netherlands nearly two years and only recently find out that in Dutch a spot is called a pickel!!! Hilarious! Nobody want's a face full of pickels now do they.

Thank you to all the people who noticed my skin has been all fresh and clean and nice these days, not that it was ever very pickely but I did get more than I would have liked, especially every 21 days or so, every girl knows about this!

Anyway, if you can't go all out with this super clean lifestyle I understand, but if you are prone to a pickel face and can't seem to get rid of them, I would say this.

stop eating sugar, and I mean all of it, just stop it, it's actually not that difficult.

ok, sometimes it's difficult.
Drink a shit ton of water.

stop using chemical moisturizers, use coconut oil on your face daily, give it a rest with foundation for a while and dare to go bare.

Eat an Avocado every day.

Take a zinc supplement every day.

Result! ok, I know everyone looks slightly hotter with instagram but honestly not a pickel in sight!

move along now! nothing to see here!
If your pickels don't clear up or get at least 50% better I will eat all of the above typing, then my top hat.
A compliment from my favorite Italiano Franzi really made my week........"you don't look like you're nearly 30 Cadence, you look like a virgin"

BAHAHAHA, marry me, please, and keep saying things like that.

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