By Cadence Alexia


Cool beans! Natures little anti-depressants............

When it comes to helping with depression, the first answer I found when I looked to nature along side modern medicine, was this little lady..............

ok, not so little, and clearly never been on a diet in her life, but when I smush my face into that giant furry belly, hear her purring, and have her pat me on the head with her lion paws, of course I feel instantly better. I got her six years ago and named her Prozac, she's natures little anti-depressant and I love her more than Goji berries and coconut milk.

These days I look to nature without the modern medicine (and without Prozac she lives with my Mum), I've had less depression than ever, but I think I need a little more help to stay on track than a fat lazy cat. I personally think nature has more helpful answers than modern medicine. There is the vitamin supplement answer, I would recommend niacin to anyone suffering the blues, along with some B12, B6 and magnesium to help with sleep. I would also recommend dark chocolate, raw chocolate, fruit, bright raw veggies, and these bad boys............

Raw Cacao Beans!!!
Finally they got a raw food super food section at the Eko Plaza! I did a little inside squeal of joy when I saw these, I might have even done an outside squeal, who knows I had my headphones in. They were shining out like a little bag of gems, next to the goji berries and pumpkin seeds! I've wanted to try them for ages! psyched!...........

They taste like crap. Smell like a mixture of dark chocolate and sweaty feet. They're Slightly more palatable than coffee beans, if you like eating coffee beans I'd say these taste like mocha beans if they existed, to me that's still a bit unappealing. Well, I found putting them with goji and macadamia makes them taste pretty good, the more I eat the more I like.  

But who cares what they taste like, they are the highest whole food source of magnesium and tons of other magic stuff. Cool!!! 

I found the below article quite informative if you want to know more. Warning! it contains words like  'oligomeric' and 'procynanidins' and 'epicatechin', it might boggle your mind.
An article about them being superdooper

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