By Cadence Alexia


Danger! Danger! Raw spinach............

I'm going 50/50

So, the raw food deal, you know I love it because when I went raw my life went totes amazeballs. So I stayed raw, sparkly and happy.

Then I hit the steaks and bacon and realised 100% raw has it's downsides, you can miss some important stuffs by not eating meat. So I went Rawleo. All the meat sent me from amazeballs to supermazeballs. - sorry for my choice of language, I'm too sleep deprived for intelligence.

I've been doing my reading on the raw v's lightly steamed/cooked issue (when I have time, my skedge is beyond a joke right now)

Here's the thing - and I'm so lazy today I'm just copy 'n' pasting some info sent to me ages ago in an e-mail from a guy who also did a fair amount of research, I'm sure he won't mind.

 "Lectins, saponines and phytates are the problem proteins in plant food. The cooking process destroys a lot of them but not all. Some foods are highly poisonous without being soaked and or cooked because of these chemicals." 

All right clever cloggs, I'll see what I can find out
Oxalic acid overdose!
 Then I found this clever lady linked below, she seems to only have a problem with a few veggies, mainly spinach and the likes, ok, so no more raw spinach. deal. 

Why the raw way aint always the best way. 

- by the way, I'd like to meet any fucker who eats raw potatoes. That's beyond bizzaro.

I'd noticed some more cooked veg had been sneaking in my face anyway, so I'm going to go 50/50 on the veggies for a bit. If I get less sparkly happy I'll go back fully raw, if I start to feel improvements I'll maybe take in some more lightly cooked stuff. I mean, if raw veg is so poisonous, the ammount I was putting away you think I'd feel like horse shit, I felt more like a thoroughbred race horse than it's shit so I wasn't really convinced about these dangers.

The thing the raw foodies will say is that cooking destroys live enzymes and nutrients, I do believe this to be true, so I'm skeptical, but I also believe the above quote from Glenard to be true. So, I guess this is why I'm experimenting.

Will keep you posted. I hope that made some sense, I can hardly keep my eyes open right now to read it back properly.

I'm hitting the hay before my forehead hits this laptop. Nighty night.

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