By Cadence Alexia


The international Breakfast club.....

I love the Bacho breakfast club, any sign of the sun and we're outside at the table, lots of food, coffee, smoothies, steak - well, just mine, cigarettes - just theirs, and basically lots of love for sunshine and eating outdoors together.

Sunny for the most part anyway!

What an awesome way to start Sunday. I love that I sit at a table with Spanish, Polish, Belgian, American, Greek, French, German, and English (me)! We all have one thing in common, we proper love eating food together and hangin' out!!

I ate a whopping steak, and a mango/banana smoothie with a shed load of coconut milk to make up the good fat, obv! If you're trying to lose weight, I would stay well clear of liquid fruit. But I'm not trying to lose weight, I am enjoying feeling happy and amazing, if I want some liquid fruit, god damn I'm gonna have it!

So, pretty healthy start actually, as per normal I guess, but then, Kostas and Anna announced they went to Venlo yesterday and have us all a present............hhhhmmmmmm what present??? a small ripple of excitement went round the table, everybody waited with baited breath, they wouldn't tell us until all the food was gone. 

This is the present from Venlo.........

ok ok!! Yes of course I ate one!!!!.........ok, you got me, I ate a second............then a third! ssshhhh!

So did everyone else!!!!!

I can say this, eating healthy and not eating sugar is cool. But refusing to eat this because you're 'Rawleo' or whatever is just a bit schtoopid, I think healthy living is about making the right choices, this was the right choice. My taste buds had a little party, and I'm sure I won't die. Thanks Kostas and Anna for loving us all enough to bring these back with you!!

Go on, try telling me you wouldn't!!

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