By Cadence Alexia


A little tip for weight loss...........

Don't live in New York.

On the plus side, I could easily be Paleo a go go if I lived here, I don't need a kitchen stateside, I can get meat, cooked meat, grass fed meat, veggies, raw food, raw treats, healthy things and everything I would need, easy peasy, it's brilliant.

On the downside, I can also get fried chicken, candy, fries, burgers, pizza, pasta, cheese, bagels, food, food, food, food then more food for afters 24 hours a day. oh and all the different colours of soda pop crap, everywhere! a bottle of cold water is the hardest thing to find in the fridge sometimes.

The whole place smells like food, everywhere I turn there are people eating food or standing in line to get more food, while eating. The people I usually see doing this, are not the smallest people I've ever seen.

The thing is, I get it now, the whole fat issue in the states that I think I under estimated before. Everywhere smells so good, my belly is full to bursting with grilled chicken and veg, and all I want to do is follow the next smell and eat that too, no wonder there are massive people everywhere, E.V.E.R.Y.W.H.E.R.E. It's so sad, how does anyone have a chance to say no and eat less and be any smaller or healthier.

It would be like trying to give up heroin, and seeing it, readily available, on every street corner, for a couple of bucks a hit. 

when I see an average sized person I want to give them a high five and a pat on the back!

Austin next week, I'm guessing I might see a similar problem.

I'm off to get some steak.........I can smell it from here.

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