By Cadence Alexia


Calories, Health, red meat, and not training.........

I'm in Austin Texas Y'all, it's scorching and Julie has a pool and I'm totally chilling the fuck out.

I've not been training much, I mean I've hung about from a trapeze a bit and worked on my act, I've walked everywhere, but when it's 38 degrees outside I tend to walk a bit like ageing sloth. I'm drinking gallons of water, eating salads and meat as usual, minimal berry type fruit, I'm sleeping well, not eating dark chocolate, which I have to pat myself on my sun burned back for, I feel great, happy and healthy and awesome. 

I got on the scales this morning, I had suspected some slight weight gain - I've gained 14 pounds in 6 weeks. Massive lol. This is what happens when you go from training full days and eating like a builder, to not training at all, and eating like an even hungrier builder.

Now, I don't really care this time, according to everyone I know I look really healthy, according to half the men in New York city I'm the sexiest red head since Rita Heyworth, and according to me, well, I'm getting used to being out of size and I basically just want to keep eating and laughing my head off, so it's all cool.

According to being a flyer in the circus? - I don't think fat girls fly all that high to be honest. 

a fellow flyer, Flora Laco,
in a fat suit, illustrating my point.
I need to A) stop putting on weight. and B) start taking off weight. 

I have no idea how many calories I should eat when I'm not training.

Julie, my favorite Texan, told me around 1200 per day to retain weight, not to take it off. She also told me I had to stop with so much red meat and stick with chicken or turkey. I'm too fat and shocked to ignore her. 

It's 7.45pm, I'm on about 700 calories so far. 


............update, I ate a healthy meal for dinner, lean mince beef, some tomato and avocado.

Followed by a whole bag of home baked gluten free Julie cookies. There as like a pound of cookies in that bag. Gluten free don't mean shit they were full of sugar.

This shit has to stop. I'm a planet. 

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