By Cadence Alexia


Kitchen Chicken...........

Lazy Sunday in the Bronx, went to the local tiny veg store, came back with a sweet potato, a carrot, a very tiny pumpkin, a bit of ginger, a half stale lemon and some curry powder. B T Dubs, all the veg came to $1.10 - score! fuck you whole foods and your overpriced salad bar. 

The pumpkin had a sticker on it that said 'Acorn' - these confused Americans, it's clearly just a very small pumpkin, I imagined a squirrel trying to carry it off. I bought it anyway.

Already had two chicken breasts, an onion and some coconut milk. Made curry, it was nice and healthy, if not slightly too gingery.

good protein, good fat, nice orange veg. Paleo win.

This curry actually contains very little of the 'acorn' as I got completely bored trying to get the skin off. It would have tasted better if I was a more patient chef.

I realise it's not the most photogenic food I've ever made. I also realise it was wrong of me to eat the entire batch as I could have got three meals out of it.

At least I didn't melt some chocolate in or throw on a side of Ben and Jerry's.

nice to be back on the health, I will work on portion sizes tomorrow.

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