By Cadence Alexia


In the belly of the beast........


Today is my last day in Austin, I've had such a relaxing week with a very awesome friend, being lazy, eating, sitting in the pool (yeah sitting, not swimming), walking doodlebug tiny dog once round the block, making strawberry coconut smoothies, going to whole foods and tearing up the salad bar, going to Rudys Texan style BBQ joint and eating my own weight in moist brisket..........

Making paleo brownies in the vitamix blender, eating them, making more, eating them, making don't need any help to see where this is going.

Basically, no training, triple the eating, the dark chocolate came creeping back in, I wasn't going to, but if I didn't eat this today I couldn't help save the animals, and I really like animals............I saved some yesterday too, and the day before. Long live the wildcats, I feel great, if not a little stuffed about helping this panther...puma? who knows, anyway, yum yum.

The downside of being at Julies house......... she has some neato electronic scales, and I have now gained an entire 16 of your American pounds. Shocking isn't it. 

Don't get me wrong, Sometimes it's really good for you to be lazy and rest after training really hard for a while, but, I think I'm kinda taking the piss now.  

So it's my last day of guilt free all out foodie heaven, I fly back to New York in the morning, shit's gonna get serious.

Here's how I will shrink back down to my former, less squidgey, more circussy self.........

No more healthy paleo brownies, however sugar free and packed with goodness they are, eating an entire batch per day kinda cancels out the word health.

Salads, lean meat, more salads more lean meat - and that's about it for meal plans.

Trapeze themed mornings and gym themed afternoons, followed by water guzzling nights out in dirty dive bars with beardy metal heads.

Trade 4000 calories per day for 1500 ish? maybe, I need to check on this one.

.....and Cadence, one more thing, how about trying some fucking cardio while you're at it!! 

ha ha we'll see about the last one.

Julie is on her way home, we're going to stuff our selves Mexican style then watch a million bats come out of the famous Austin Bat bridge, while holding our bellies that will be full of meat and guacamole! 

I love my Vacation, and Julie loves her Vacadence, I'm sad it's about to be over. 

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