By Cadence Alexia


Catchin' my snap Rawleo style...........

I can't exactly call this a recipe, I'm not the type to invent or follow any kind of instructions when it comes to making food, I just don't have the attention span, but, I really like those nut/fig/date based raw vegan bars as a snack, and I've read the ingredients on the packet enough times to get the gist of it, so I thought I'd give homemade a whirl.

We went to whole foods and I tore it up in the self serve fruit and nut section, the shop guy, who apparently checked me out so much he almost got a hernia, gave me the cocoa powder free as they didn't have any in self serve and I only needed a small bit. score! $8.99 worth of chocolate powder freeeeee, sometimes it pays to wear a short skirt! What a total whore bag, no shame.

Anyway. here goes.......

Flatten it out with grease proof paper.
 Stick it in the fridge

I just sort of guessed in handful type amounts, until it worked, and kept no track of what I was doing, it's really that easy.

Cashew, Macadamia, 5 dates, 5 figs, 1 tablespoon coconut oil, cinnamon, free unsweetened cocoa powder (I think about 3 tablespoons, maybe more), sunflower seeds, desiccated coconut, some Paleanola - ha ha paleo granola (only in the USA I bet), it's basically just nuts and seeds, oh and a big handful of hemp seeds, almost forgot. I mean, Just get your favorite nuts (no peanuts, they're legumes, not to mention they are gross), and mix them up with dates and figs and add spices as you wish. simple.

I basically just blended it all together in the Vitamix and guessed amounts until it tasted good and I could squidge it together and put it in the fridge.

It went cold, we sliced it into bars like little brownies, and ate the entire batch in one go while sitting out by the pool. Oooops.

it tasted so good, and really helped me catch my snap on my chocolate addiction, without chowing down 100g of green and blacks!

Everyone's a winner, and as I'm on holiday I'm not going to stress about the whole thing being gone already!

...........update, make with natural dried cherries instead of figs and dates, soooo good!...........yeah, we're on batch number 2. shame on us.

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