By Cadence Alexia


The meatball, the blood sausage and the

Today was a memorable day of Paleo eating, so I'm blogging it down before my food coma makes me forget.

Coconut milk starters, short break doing stuff, whole foods salad bar veggies and steak, short break doing stuff, a trip to The Meatball in Chelsea (nyc not london, but still quite flowery) - not really because I was hungry, more because it was called 'The Meatball' 

I read the sign and sort of fell in the door like a sun stroked zombie. What? they had air con!

After a raw choc and goji post dinner snack, another doing stuff break and a short train ride, met a new Paleo friend, who was introduced to me by a band boy friend, kinda like 

"Cadence, this is Lee, he eats can talk about food" 

Lee runs long distances and does dot com type clever things along with living in willy B and having a great knowledge of places to get some kick ass meat. 

He took me for the best steak I have ever eaten, before it we ate Avocado chip things, a cold meats selection that involved blood sausage which was strangely nice actually, a little gag moment happened when the word 'blood' was mentioned while I had a piece in my mouth, there were more cold meats, a well good salad with beetroot, nuts and pear, and a bowl of guacamole that we ate with our forks having turned away the chips. 

Then came a whopping steak, with two sausages on top and another kind of steak on the side that was very fatty. I tore it up. Steak heaven, only short breaks for breathing and some talking. 

Here is my problem. half way through the steak course, the guy who is totally jacked and easily twice my size declares he is full, totally done, he's out, game over.............

me -"Really?? Can I just go ahead and eat the rest then??? Awesome, how comes you're full?? When did you last eat??"

him "1pm. When did you last eat?"

me - "oh, I ate meatballs at about 6.30"

no shame.

I eat more than anyone else I know. I have to think about possibly addressing this issue.

I went to town on some 85% dark chocolate when we left the restaurant. obv, and yes, in this heat you have to eat the whole bar quick before it melts. 

I Then swung about on a scaffolding bar and did some toe hangs.

awesome day.

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