By Cadence Alexia


the 50/50 update and my WOD..............

I don't feel as sparkly since I've been cooking most of my veg. My skin isn't as good, my eyes are not as bright, and I feel a little flat. 

Veg wise, apart from spinach looking things, red onions and shallots, I'm going back raw. Placebo or not I just don't feel so healthy right now, and I haven't since I went fully Paleo instead of being Rawleo. That's all I needed to find out.

Today's offering to get me back on the rawleo track........

So, it looks a bit 'splat! there's your dinner' but it tasted right nice and was a bit experimental actually, as I'm trying to shake up my little paleo rut I've found myself in.

Pan fried Tuna steak with almond and coconut flour batter, with Shallots fried in brazil nut butter (so yum). On top of loads of cucumber and tomato, with some seeds thrown on top. Great post work out protein dinner. I didn't make it too big, I have a portion size issue I'm trying to address.

Today a nice girl at the gym asked me "are you going to do the WOD with us?"

- "the what now??"

-"the WOD, written there, are you going to join us"

-"What? a what? what are you even saying?"

- "the WOD"

- "I literally have no idea what you are asking"

- points to the board - "workout of the day" 

- "aaaahh I see............ What the hell is an air squat?"

I have a lot to learn. Anyway, I didn't join with them, I did a WOD of my own.

My WOD today was around half an hour handstands, then an hour hanging from a bar trying to do stuff that was previously really easy while wincing in pain as the baby soft skin on my hands also went raw. Some fucking about on the rings, then some fucking about doing human pyramids and teaching people how to base a two high. 

Really fun day with my new cross fit buddies. I didn't do any cross fit. That's tomorrow morning!

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