By Cadence Alexia


The harsh reality of it all.

I'm off to New York for a month, I'll have my own kitchen a massive choice of food, and I'll be shoving in as much protein and fat as I can. After that, I'll be running my body on carbs like everyone else, and the thought of it totally blows.

I've tried to think of ways to do it, I've read and I've asked and I've scratched my head while chewing the end of my pencil, but I don't really believe it to be possible.

To eat rawleo while moving around and get a healthy balance and a good variation, it's not going to happen. I'm sad. I still won't eat wheat gluten or sugar, but that's all I can do until I have the funds to employ a personal chef to travel with me. Back on paleo when I'm 60 then. Awesome.

I'm so annoyed I've been shoving in fruit and chocolate all day and acting like I don't give a shit. Sometimes I do this, when it starts to go a bit wrong, I get defiant and do exactly the opposite of what I know I should do. 400g of dark chocolate in 2 days, couldn't give a fuck how many nutrients or not nutrients I'm getting.

Little white flag waved.

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