By Cadence Alexia


Avocado chips and the Matcha Olympic cookies.

Today is recovery day from the misery of constant cross fit, so I have a bit of time to hang out in the kitchen while absolutely not throwing a heavy ball up a wall ninety times in a specified number of minutes.

I've been getting way too experimental with meals these days, I'm like Heston Blumenthals rawleo equivalent. Been avoiding the temptation to start dipping sweet potato in liquid nitrogen for now, but 18 months ago I could hardly prepare myself beans on toast without setting off the smoke alarm, then ordering take out while feeling like a total cookery pleb. 

I think it's safe to say I've come on a couple of clicks and a shuffle since the great diet shake up of 2011. I really get psyched about cooking now, nearly as much as I do about eating!

Breakfast - Avocado chips and tomato beetroot dip, with the rest of the egg I used to coat the avocado before rolling it in coconut flour and frying it in coconut oil. Good fatty veggie start to the day. B T dubs, I was doing my research on alternatives to flour, a lot of Paleo people use ground almonds, which is better than normal flour for shiz, but still not great because of the omega 6. So, if you're going to use anything, coconut flour top trumps ground almond for nutrition. 


Organic rib eye, beetroot/carrot/orange salad with broccoli. This steak was amazing, just threw mixed herbs on, and somehow got the timing spot on. When it comes to timing and steak frying, I've figured you just make the pan super hot before you put it in, then when the kitchen looks about 5 minutes away from a 999 call, it's done.

Then came the ginger cookies. healthy for sure, necessary? absolutely not. oink oink. Whoops.

I made these with another, more expensive alternative to flour. Matcha mix! It's basically ground goji, ground chai seeds, flax seeds, and ground Matcha tea! I stuck my hand in the bag and it felt like flour, so, of course I made cookies, worst of all ingredients being a bit of honey.

a link that tells you about Matcha tea.....

Why Matcha is awesome.......

I scoffed the lot while watching Olympic gymnastics and dreaming of the glory days, when my ass could easily fit in a sparkly tin foil leotard, and my world revolved around tight pony tails, glitter hair spray and trying not to break my vag on the beam. Good times.

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